School Council

What is the School Council?

  • An inclusive, structured, meeting time for discussion and decision-making
  • A means for children to raise issues and concerns
  • A means to consult all pupils

Why have a School Council?

  • To help children develop responsible attitudes
  • To improve behaviour
  • To give children hands-on experience of issues in the National Curriculum, including PHSE and Citizenship
  • To embed the feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence

How does the School Council work?

Mrs Rebello leads the meetings and the two School Council representatives from each class are present. Children are encourged to listen to each other, respond to questions and share their ideas with the group. The representatives then return to class and are given time to feedback to their peers and possibly discuss new items.

When does the School Council take place?

Usually twice a half term for 15-20 minutes.

School Councillors for 2016-17 are:

Morpurgo Class – Craig Rafferty and Amelia Lau

Dahl Class – Daniel Hammond and Millie Newman

Walliams Class – Alex Gurr and Teagan McWalter

Fine Class – Harry Duncan-King and Lily Brook

Browne Class – Leo Maynard and Gracie Turner

Rosen Class – Caelan Doherty and Millie McDonnell