Y6 Prefects

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and four other Y6 Prefects.

Head Boy – William Finch

Welcome to the Y6 Prefect Page. I’m William Finch – the Head Boy. At Audley Primary School our staff like to make sure that all children are safe and enjoy coming to school.

We are a one-form entry school on a ‘Journey to Excellence.’

Prefects choose two children to be presented with an award on a Friday. They award good behaviour, good manners and eating well.

Head Girl – Paige Bacon

Hello I’m Paige Bacon, I’m the Head Girl at Audley Primary School (2016-2017). I volunteered to be Head Girl because I feel I can help out in the KS1 playground and support the PA in upcoming events like the Harvest festival, Christmas Fair and Prize Giving Evening.

The role I have volunteered for means that I am needed to support the Midday Supervisors in the Dinner Hall and on the Infant Playground. We may be a small school, but our expectations are high.

Prefect awards are given out by the Prefect Team to the best behaved students outside (KS1) and in the Dinner Hall. They are announced during Golden Assembly (on a Friday morning).

Deputy Head Boy – Dylan Swann

Hello my name is Dylan and I am Deputy Head Boy at Audley Primary School.  I volunteered to be Deputy Head Boy because I enjoy taking care of children and helping out in the dinner hall.  Although we are a small school everyone knows each other.  I am hoping to attend de Stafford School next year and then go to Reigate College. My time at Audley has been great.

Deputy Head Girl – Naomi Downs

Hello, my name is Naomi Downs. I am proud to say my class elected me as Deputy Head Girl.  My role as Deputy Head Girl involves me working alongside Midday Supervisors in the dinner hall and playground. I enjoy doing this as it develops a stronger relationship with the school staff and younger pupils.

Being a part of the Prefect team means you are involved in issuing Prefect Awards and organising Sports Day. You sometimes are required to prepare a speech at community events.

If you are a small school it is hard to stand out. Audley Primary School is on a Journey to Excellence. We have high expectations and the pupils are positive towards their learning.

Prefect – Ryan Norman

Hello I am Ryan. I feel that it is important to be a Prefect that is kind and fair.  I am looking forward to helping children on the Infant Playground.

I will be a good role model, teaching them to be polite and well mannered. I will also like supervising in the dinner hall and helping the Midday Supervisors and Catering Staff.

Prefect – Belle Jacob

Hi, my name is Belle and I am a Prefect.  My favourite colour is purple and I enjoy swimming, gymnastics, music and dancing.  I love my friends and family; they are a big part of my life.  I am honest, kind, caring and confident.  I enjoy working with teachers and younger children.

I think that the older children in the upper school can help build the confidence of younger children.  In my opinion, the school needs to be brightened up on the outside.  Audley Primary is a great school!

Prefect – Leo Cork

Hello my name is Leo Cork.  I am a Prefect.  My favourite lessons are science, art and maths.  My favourite after school club is badminton.

I enjoy natural history (researching facts about animals) and sketching.  I also enjoy construction and building things out of lego.  I have put some of my animations on YouTube.

Prefect- Josi Waiton

Hello. My name is Josi and I am a Prefect. I enjoy being a Prefect because I like looking after younger children and helping them to eat their lunch and stay safe on the playground.

I enjoy playing for the school’s netball team. I think that the teachers at the school are hard-working and kind.

Prefect Noticeboard

Prefect Noticeboard 2016

Prefect Noticeboard 2016

Pupil Leadership

During November, the Prefect Team produced a child-friendly version of the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy. They presented their policy in a special Prefect-led Assembly. This Pupil Leadership project is part of the School Improvement and Development Plan.