Vision Statement

A Journey to Excellence

At Audley Primary School every child matters. This means that the school wants all the children to feel safe, be healthy and enjoy their learning. Children are offered choices that help them become independent, life-long learners and take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

The school cares for each child in the best possible way. It tries to bring out and encourage children to use their abilities to the full. Children take part and learn through exciting, organised, challenging and fun activities. The school helps in all ways of children’s learning and development – both educational and social. It provides a good start in life for skills and experiences so that children can grow up as confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens.

Parents are the children’s first teachers and the school hopes to make good use of their skills and talents. The school lets parents take part in activities that involves them in their education and learning.

Staff and governors bring with them many different types of skills, experiences and interests. The school aims to use these to encourage children to want to learn and achieve. The education provided allows children to have a better understanding of different communities and respect for each other and our world.

Mrs M Rebello – Headteacher