Y6 Prefects

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and four other Y6 Prefects.

Head Boy – Daniel Hammond

Hello, my name is Daniel Hammond – I am the Head Boy of Audley Primary School. I feel truly honoured to know that I have achieved this important role, and will do anything to make sure the school lives up to its amazing standards, for everybody’s liking.

Here at Audley, we always make sure that each child is supported in their ‘journey to excellence’, to get the best out of everyone. My role involves supporting pupils, introducing events, issuing awards, working with the prefect team, developing new ideas to improve the school environment and making sure good behaviour and hard work is always acknowledged.

Head Girl – Carla Taylor

Hi! My name is Carla Taylor I will be your new Head Girl. You can come to me if you have any concerns or worries. I volunteered to be Head Girl because I wanted to support the midday supervisors and help with events like the Harvest festival, Christmas Fayre and Prize Giving evening.

My favourite colour is purple and I like horse-riding, swimming and I enjoy giving people a helping hand every now and again. I love my family and friends; they mean the world to me.

A few changes could be made around the school and I will work with the prefect team to achieve those improvements. This may be a small school but expectations are high! Thank you for reading.

Deputy Head Boy – Michael Dean

Hello I’m Michael Dean – Deputy Head boy. At Audley we ensure that every child achieves their goals throughout their time at our school. Our school believes that every pupil should have a right to a full education, that is why I applied for this role.

We are a small school, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got high expectations. We are a school that believes every child should have an amazing ‘Journey to Excellence’, as that is our school motto.

As I’m the new 2017-2018 deputy head boy, I must take part in the prefect team meetings and my several roles. Such as supervising the KS1 children during lunch hours, helping midday supervisors in the dinner hall, but the most important role is trying to help promote the school in the best way possible.

Our school is on our own special journey, and we hope in the future your child can experience it with us.

Deputy Head Girl – Grace Payne

Hello, my name is Grace. I am proud to say that my class have elected me to be Deputy Head girl. My role as Deputy Head girl involves working alongside midday supervisors in the dinner hall and the playground. I volunteered for this role because I enjoy taking care of younger children and helping whenever I can. In my six years at Audley I have had an amazing time and to make it even better I got chosen to take on this role. I have took part in lots of sporting events and I have represented the school in many other things.

Being apart of the prefect team is amazing but it also comes with a big responsibility. The prefect team decide on prefect awards every week and sometimes you will give tours to parents, speak at community events and organise many things. I will be a great role modal and I will teach them to be polite even more then they already are.

If you are a small school it is hard to stand out but easy to fit in. Audley Primary School is on a journey to excellence an we will achieve that if we work together and put in our all.

Prefect – Charlie Haines

Hi my name is Charlie and I am a Prefect. I am very proud to have this role because there are only four in the school. I am a very kind boy and will always help you if you need it. My favourite subject is maths because it is very fun and I am good at it. I am 11 years old and I am happy doing what I do as prefect. So far I have enjoyed every moment of it, this is a great experience for all people in the school. I am a very sporty person because I play a lot of games such as football and athletics. I will enjoy this role and I hope I am good at it. It is going to be fun but challenging.

Prefect – Amy Nash

Hello, my name is Amy and I have been given the role of a Prefect. Throughout my six years at Audley I have loved representing the school in many clubs and events, such as cross country races, athletics events, netball and the school choir.

We did a small production of a story we made up called “The Wizard of Audley” – which was so much fun!

I will enjoy my last year of Audley, but I will take on my role of Prefect seriously and help children throughout the school


Prefect – Liam Crittle

Hello, my name is Liam and I am a 2017-2018 school Prefect. I am very excited to be helping everyone around Audley Primary School and having meetings, assemblies, handing out prefect awards and many more. The Prefect Team and I will be helping the students and teachers with whatever they need.

I am 10 years old (the youngest in my class) and my favourite colour is blue. I am very good with computers and my hobbies are skateboarding, gaming and using my imagination to play games. I can be quite serious but I always can have a laugh. We support our motto, ‘A journey to excellence’ .

Prefect- Isobel Cronin

Hi, my name is Isobel but my friends call me Izzy. My favourite lessons at school are Art and PE. I’m a member of the school netball team and the position I like to play in goal defence. I attend Stagecoach every Saturday as I love dancing, singing and acting. I’m also currently learning how to play the Keyboard and Electric guitar.

I’m in Yellow House but just love the colour purple! I was thrilled when I heard my name being announced as part of our Prefect Team. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be and I’m looking forward to helping everyone in my new role.


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