Y6 Prefects

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and seven other Y6 Prefects.

Head Girl – Martyna

Hi! My name is Martyna and I am your new head girl of the school! I will be a good role model for Audley and I KNOW I will do my best! I am very funny but serious at the same time! I will make sure all the students have theirs rights, have fun at school and have the right manners.

You can find me in the lunch hall, the playground and of course my class room! (Year 6) in my opinion I am very mature, kind and responsible. I have been at Audley for 3 and ½ years, and honestly I love it! Anyways that’s it for me! Have a nice day!

Head Boy – James

Hello, my name is James, my role in the prefect team is Head Boy. I applied for this role because I think I am kind, caring and like to answer children`s questions.

I want to help all the students to exceed in their learning and follow the “Journey to Excellence”. In school my favourite subjects are: Maths, English and science.

I am happy with this role and hope I live up to the expectation of Head Boy.

Deputy Head Girl – Katie

Hi! My name is Katie and my role is Deputy Head Girl, I am honoured to have this role of mine. I wanted this role ever since my brother was nominated as Head Boy.

This is a very big responsibility of mine because I need to make sure everyone’s happy. My favourite subject is English and I kind of like a little bit of Art. I have been in Audley for 7 years from missing my mum to getting deputy head girl in year 6. It’s amazing!

Deputy Head Boy – Sam

Hi my name is Samuel Hamilton but you can call me Sam.My role in the prefect team is deputy head boy, I was picked for this role because I am honest, kind, caring, and helpful.

I am also a great role model to younger children and the school.  In genera,l I have also been at this school since Reception and have never had a single yellow /red card in all of my time in Audley.

Prefect – Harry

Hi my name is Harry, I am prefect at Audley primary school and am 10 years old.

I wanted to be Prefect because I am loyal and want to help the younger ones in KS1 playground and in the lunch hall. My job is to make sure everyone is safe but have fun at the same time.

To get my job I created a power point about why I should be a prefect. I enjoyed making the power point process as I like technology.

I used to do homework club but now I am more independent with it. I am very sorry for all those people who wanted to be prefect but didn’t get the job. I will do my very best to be a perfect prefect. I would like to answer anyone’s questions at any time of   the day. My favourite subject is Art and Science and I also like English.

Prefect – Abbie

Hello, I am Abbie Finch and I am proud to say I am a part of the new Prefect Team. I have been at Audley for six years now about to be seven.

I have two favourite subjects Art and English. I have done four after school clubs such as Art (Y2), PE Games (Y2), Homework Club (Y6 and Y5) Athletics Club (Y4). I am in Blue House and lucky for me my favourite colour is…blue! You will probably find me in the KS1 playground or the hall during lunch times.

I am a very responsible but if you need someone to make you laugh you know who to come to. I am delighted to be a part of your “Journey to Excellence.”

Prefect – Roanna

Hello my name is Roanna Sword. I’m a prefect in year 6. My favourite subject is P.E, Math, English, and Grammar. I also like a bit of Art. In Audley Primary School my house colour is Green House, even though the colour I prefer is purple. My hobbies are reading, playing with my brothers and helping look after my baby cousin her name is Skylar-Rose.

My prefect role consists of, helping the reception class at lunch time clean of the plates where will scrape left over food into the bin.

I also make sure year 3-6 wash their hands before going into the dining hall to eat their lunch. Whilst I’m doing this I monitor to see if children have eaten enough and if they have I will encourage them to eat their pudding. If they are on packed lunch, I check if they have eaten enough and if they have, I let them go out to play.

When it is my turn on duty to go into Key Stage one playground, I go and supervise to make sure the children are safe and playing nicely together.

Prefect – Oscar

Hi. My name is Oscar and I’m proud to be a Prefect at Audley Primary School. I love helping others even if you are younger or older. I am trusted by friends and teachers and give respect to all. I was trusted so much that I was elected to be a Peer Mentor.

You can trust me to be truthful and reliable, and if I can’t help you I will find someone who can.

Prefect – Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia and I am a Prefect at Audley Primary School.

I am in year 6 my favourite subject is Maths, English, Science and P.E. I have participated in gardening now for four and a half years and I have in enjoy being with the best Miss Rogers and Mr Mould.

I have taken being a prefect very seriously my favourite colour is blue. I am in yellow house which is a happy colour.

Prefect – Matthew

Hello my name is Matthew and my role here at Audley Primary School is a Prefect. I want to help all of the younger children in KS1 and KS2.

I wanted to be this role because I am loyal and respectful to my teachers and friends. I want to answer anyone’s questions at any time and help younger ones achieve their journey to excellence. My favourite subjects are: English, Maths, Science and PE.

My job here is to keep everyone safe and help the children to have fun. I will do my very best as a Prefect.

Prefect – Josh

Hi my name Josh and I am a Prefect. I’ve wanted to be a Prefect since Reception, as I love the excitement of responsibility.

I’m good at helping people because I was a  peer mentor and have experience with little kids. I can always be trusted.

Throughout my years at Audley I have attended many clubs including badminton, tennis, football and basketball.

Pupil Leadership at Audley

At Audley we believe that our pupils have play an important part in our school.  The children throughout their time will be given many opportunities to be elected in on of the many pupil leadership opportunities. To name a few: School Council, Eco-Team, RRSA Ambassadors, Digital Leaders and Peer Mentors.