Y6 Prefects

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and six other Y6 Prefects.

Head Boy – Ellis

Hello my name is Ellis and I am pleased with my role as Head boy, I am ready to improve the school as much as I can, and want to help the pupils achieve their Journey to Excellence.

I have had previous roles similar to this one such as Eco–Team member in Year 5 and School Council-in Year 1. I want to help children enjoy their playtimes and lunchtimes.

My favourite subjects are Maths, English, Science, P.E and lots of others. My house team is red (which is my favourite colour) and I am looking forward to setting up for sports day.

Head Girl – Mie-Rose

Hello my name is Mie Rose, I am proud to say that I’m your new Head Girl of Audley. I will do my very best to please you in every way possible. If there is ever anything you need help with I’m always here to support you. I’m kind supportive and caring person. You will probably see me around the school helping out in the dinner hall or playground.

I cannot wait to start helping on a regular basis around the school. At all times you see me I will be setting an example to everyone around the school. I’ve been involved in many clubs over the years. Such as Netball, Sewing, Choir and so much more.

My favourite subjects are Maths, Art and sports. I am really excited to help set up sports day and I’m in (Green House). My favourite colour is turquoise and purple. I will ensure that everyone has someone to play with at all times.

Thank you for voting for me year 6. I will always be a great role model and make this school the best possible. Thank you for everything.

Deputy Head Boy – Marley

Hello, my name is Marley Blossom, and I’m Deputy Head Boy. I was elected because the class thought my presentation was outstanding. I have a loud and clear voice, I’m responsible, and I have a very friendly soul.

I like to play in an environment that is safe and that’s why I also wanted to join the prefect team so I could make the Audley Primary School playground more safer place.

I also have a little brother who is sometimes hard to handle and that’s where my skills come from. I need to improve in some things but not many. I think I’m a great deputy and this will give me experience in future jobs at secondary school.

Deputy Head Girl – Lilly

Hi I’m Lilly Cole and I’m Deputy Head Girl. I am so proud that I got it! My class voted and I’m very happy they did. This role is a big responsibility, the prefect team and myself have to set the right example to the rest of the school.

We will be taking part in a lots of different things such as- Playground Duty, Lunch time Duty, Parent Tours and much more!

I cannot wait to do this as we get to be with the KS1 but at the same time we have to be setting the right example to them. We will be helping them if they have fallen over, but most importantly getting them to play with us if they are alone!

Apart from this I’ve taken part in a lot of sports like Netball and Athletics.

Prefect – Archie

Hello my name is Archie Penfold and I was nominated to be a prefect which I was very pleased about as I am quite enjoying having responsibilities within the school.

I like helping and supporting others around the school on a day to day basis and also when different events occur.

I think of myself as a friendly and helpful person who likes to help others.

I will treat everyone equally and be supportive in all situations.

I am very pleased to be a Prefect and I am looking forward to my future role.

Prefect – Theo

Hello my name is Theodore, and I have the special role of being a prefect. I’m always happy to give a helping hand out and in the class.

My favourite subject is Maths and P.E so I would be great for being active in the KS1 playground.

Being a Prefect gives me a chance to interact with people and let them become more social which is what I enjoy the most. I want to help children if they are feeling bullied.

I hope I enjoy having this role it more and more over the year and do the best I can.

Prefect – Roanna

Hello my name is Roanna Sword. I’m a prefect in year 6. My favourite subject is P.E, Math, English, and Grammar. I also like a bit of Art. In Audley Primary School my house colour is Green House, even though the colour I prefer is purple. My hobbies are reading, playing with my brothers and helping look after my baby cousin her name is Skylar-Rose.

My prefect role consists of, helping the reception class at lunch time clean of the plates where will scrape left over food into the bin.

I also make sure year 3-6 wash their hands before going into the dining hall to eat their lunch. Whilst I’m doing this I monitor to see if children have eaten enough and if they have I will encourage them to eat their pudding. If they are on packed lunch, I check if they have eaten enough and if they have, I let them go out to play.

When it is my turn on duty to go into Key Stage one playground, I go and supervise to make sure the children are safe and playing nicely together.

Prefect – Siena

Hello my name is Siena and I have been chosen for the role of Prefect. I have enjoyed my years at Audley and have enjoyed doing events such as Cross Country and District Sports.

I am 11 years old and I’m happy doing what I do as a Prefect. I’m a kind, caring and sensible girl and I cannot wait to start helping around the school in my new role. I’m very grateful for being elected as a prefect. I have enjoyed my years at Audley Primary School and I will take the role of a prefect seriously by helping everyone around the school!

Prefect – Kymberly

Hi my name is Kymberly and I’m a Prefect in year 6 and my favourite subject is Art.

I do Sewing Club and I’ve been at Audley Primary School for four years. I will take the role of Prefect very seriously. I was in the Wizard of Audley in year four it was lots of fun.

Prefect – Praya

Hello my name is Praya and I am a Prefect which is a fantastic opportunity for me.

I am in Red House but also like the colour blue. On Saturdays I do gymnastics. I would like to learn how to play the piano and do sewing club inside school.

I am filled with pleasure to take on the role of prefect and am looking forward to help this school on its ‘Journey to Excellence’, although I have only been here for four years I am going to try my hardest to help the school.

Pupil Leadership at Audley

At Audley we believe that our pupils have play an important part in our school.  The children throughout their time will be given many opportunities to be elected in on of the many pupil leadership opportunities. To name a few: School Council, Eco-Team, RRSA Ambassadors, Digital Leaders and Peer Mentors.