Y1 Rosen Class

Welcome to Rosen Class. Our teachers are Miss Djan, Mrs Bartholomeusz and Mrs Ivey.

We are a fun, caring and happy class!

Rosen Class is named after an author called Michael Rosen. He writes lots of stories and poems such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Chocolate Cake’. We really enjoy learning and reading books by our class author!

Our classroom is bright and colourful and we have lots of resources and displays to help us learn. The resources are stored in trays with labels on so that we can choose our own equipment for an activity. This helps us to develop our independence as we grow throughout the year. We have monitors in the classroom called ‘Helping Hands’ for different tasks. We sit at our tables and have special places called ‘Home seats’, as well as table groups for different lessons.

In English, we enjoy reading and learning about different stories as a whole class and on our own. We are taught how to use Phonics to help us to read books independently. Our phonics display is very colourful! We think that reading is very important and enjoy reading in our ‘Under the Sea’ themed reading area. There are high frequency words displayed on the walls to help us read and learn these.

In Maths, we develop our understanding of number by doing lots of fun activities. We practise writing our numbers and we use resources and equipment to help us to understand place value, adding on and taking away, measuring and lots of other areas of maths. There are various times tables displays around the room to help us learn.

We enjoy learning through other topics, which are cross-curricular. Our first topic is ‘Enchanted Woodlands’, so we will be looking at different traditional story books such as Jack and the Beanstalk and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Throughout this topic we will combine our other subjects such as Art, History and Geography to help us fully understand and explore the topic in great depth.

Thank you for reading about our class!

Home Learning Tasks and school closure

It is important that whilst children are off school they maintain a routine of learning as far as a possible, in order to ensure positive mental well-being. The school has created some creative home learning packs which we would like all parents to have a go at doing with your child(ren) at home.  These will be updated on a weekly basis. Please click on the various documents below:

Summer Week 1 Summer Week 2 Summer Week 3
Summer Week 1

Maths Booklet

Book Design

Book Review Writing Task

SPAG mat

Guided Reading Comprehension

Science Activity Booklet

Summer Week 2

Maths:  Task 1   Task 2   Task 3                Task 4   Task 5


Reading: Comprehension


Writing: Character Description                 setting                                         SPAG mat



In case you have yet to complete it, here is the Activity Booklet:  Year 1 Science Learning from Home (Animals, Including Humans) Activity Booklet

Egg Science Experiments      How to grow a rainbow

Summer Week 3

Maths: Challenges                                   Coin Recognition Activity              Money Tasks


Reading: Comprehension


Writing:  SPAG mat                                    Superheroes Writing


Science:                            Science Booklet – plants     Hungry Plants experiment


Topic: Where Am I booklet


Summer Week 4 Summer Week 5 May Half Term
Summer Week 4


Maths:  Problem Solving Tasks


Reading: Comprehension


Writing: Good Story Checklist                 SPAG mat                                    Story Mapping

Science: Cola – Adult Prompt                      Cola – Experiment                         Superheroes – Prompt                 Superheroes – Exp.

Science Booklet – Plants

Summer Week 5

Maths:                               Superhero Missing Numbers 1 Superhero Missing Numbers 2 Superhero Missing Numbers 3  Extension: Greater or Less Than Challenges

Reading:  Comprehension

Writing:                                Design a Superhero                   My Superhero Identity        SPAG mat                        Superhero Description Sheet Writing Super Sentences Sheet

Science:                                  Leaf Curling Experiment              Science Booklet – plants

Topic:  Countries of Europe

May Half term

Activity Pack

Guided Reading Comprehension



Summer 2 Week 1    
Summer 2 Week 1

Maths: Counting in 10s lesson 10s activities 1  10s activities 2 Mat 2

Reading: Comprehension


Common Exception Words

Phonics: Screening test

Writing: Isolation Postcard Postcard Templates   SPAG mat

Science: Scavenger Hunt

DT: Healthy Eating Lesson Sorting Activity                            My Healthy Eating Food Journal