Y3 Fine Class

Y3 Fine

Welcome to Fine Class!

Miss Davison and Mrs Armour will be teaching Year 3 pupils this year with Mrs Webb assisting all day in the classroom. The children are now juniors and so they will be encouraged to show more independence both in their learning and when organising their possessions. As a Rights Respecting School, we respect that children have the right to a high quality, inspiring education that builds upon knowledge, talents and abilities. As such, Year 3 will be exploring each of our topics through a wide range of activities that cater to different learning styles; from dress-up days to experiments; outdoor learning to arts and crafts; the use of technology and much more. It is going to be a very exciting year! (Information on trips and workshops will be available nearer the time.)


Please refer to the curriculum learning journey for details of the topics covered this year. This year we have a new exciting creative curriculum and will be exploring all the foundation subjects through exciting cross-curricular themes such as; Rock n roll, Tremors, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Jungle Boogie, The Jewel of the Nile and Water, Water Everywhere. Expect children to be coming home talking about all the exciting learning they have done in class.


It is really important that pupils have a daily reading session at home for a minimum of 20 minutes and this needs to be recorded in their reading records with a parental signature. Please make time to hear your child read aloud whenever possible and discuss their reading with them. Practice questions such as “Can you predict what might happen next in the story?”, “What would you do in that situation?” and the ability to find key facts and summarise information will help them to develop skills that will be essential in later life.

In addition to the daily reading, to extend what the children have learnt in school, English and maths homework will be set each week on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. All pupils are expected to complete their homework on time and to the best of their ability. Spellings (also set on a Friday) must be learnt regularly throughout the week in preparation for a spelling test on the following Friday. The school subscribes to the maths computer program Mathletics. Children can log in at any time to practise their maths skills and sometimes it will form part of their set homework.


P.E. and games will be on Mondays and Thursdays but kits should be in school every day. Please make sure all uniform including P.E. kit is labelled so mislaid kit can be easily identified. For safety, all watches and earrings must be removed before games. If your child is unable to do this please, as a parent or carer, check they are removed before school. It is important that children wanting to get their ears pierced should wait until an appropriate time in the summer holidays to do this.

Many pupils find buttoning shirts correctly and tying ties difficult – if you can help your child practise these skills it would be really helpful.

Class Equipment

As children are still quite young, Audley will continue to provide all class equipment for children in Year 3 therefore no pencil cases should be brought into school.


Please put any short messages in the reading record which will be picked up by the adults in the class. Staff will lead the children out at the end of the day but if you need to discuss any concerns it is probably best to contact the office so an appointment can be made.

Thank you

Mrs Armour, Miss Davison, Mrs Webb and  Mrs Ivey

Home Learning Tasks and school closure

It is important that whilst children are off school they maintain a routine of learning as far as a possible, in order to ensure a positive mental well-being. The school has created some creative home learning packs which we would like all parents to have a go at doing with your child(ren) at home.  These will be updated on a weekly basis. Please click on the various documents below:

Summer Week 1 Summer Week 2 Summer Week 3
Yr3 Instructions



double 2 digit worksheet

double grid


half grid






Lesson 1-Subordinate Starters Lesson 1-Subordinate Starters Lesson 2 Subordinate clauses  Lesson 2 Activity Sheet           Lesson 3 Subordinate-Clauses          Lesson 3 activity 1                   Lesson 3 activity 2                  Lessons 2 and 3 Answers       Lessons 4 and 5-Ancient Egyptian Myths


Spelling List – Alphabets Sum 1 Spelling List – Dictionaries Sum 1 Spelling List – Thesaurus Sum 1

Spelling activities – Alphabets Spelling activities – Dictionaries Spelling activities – Thesaurus

Alphabets wordsearch         Dictionary wordsearch             Thesaurus wordsearch



Lesson – Who and Where                  Abraham Name Cards             Activity Sheet Abraham Script Activity Sheet Current Map of the Middle East                             Activity Sheet Historic Map of the Middle East

Summer Week 2

Maths:                                   mental division using tables    Division – try this first             Division – Try this                    Division -Now if you can try this Division – challenge

English:                                      Ancient Egyptian Myths part 2  Ancient Egyptians Gods Reading Comprehension              ANSWERS -Ancient Egyptian Gods Reading Comprehension

Spellings:                                      Spelling activities Alphabet     Spelling activities Dictionaries  Spelling activities Thesaurus

Alphabet wordsearch           Dictionary wordsearch          Thesaurus wordsearch

Wellbeing:                                  You can download and begin to complete: https://www.mylockdowndiary.com/

History/Geography:                    Do You Know Your Chronology?    Part 1 – Farming ancient Egyptian and modern                                  Part 2 – Farming ancient Egyptian and modern                                River Nile Crossword

Science:                                Science Lesson Presentation Light and Dark                                Science Activity 1 Sheet Light Mind Map                                        Science Activity 2-Light sources sorting cards                            Science Activity 3-Light and Dark explanation sheet

RE:                                               Judaism Lesson 2: Main Beliefs    Activity: Commandment Template


Summer Week 3 – Instructions

Maths:                                      Lesson: Tell the time -5 mins        (1) Months-and-years                  (2) Ordering-dates                      (3) Times-and-events                  (4) Telling-time-5-minutes            (5) Hands-clock-face-5-minutes    to the hour half the hour                o’clock quarters halves                   5 Minute Intervals                        24 hour dominoes game


English:                                Ancient Egyptian Myths Week 3 Lesson 1-Gods’ bodies            Lesson 1- Egyptian Symbols


Spellings:                          Alphabets Spelling activities Dictionaries Spelling activities Thesaurus Spelling activities     Alphabet spelling wordsearch Dictionaries wordsearch Thesaurus wordsearch


History/Geography:              Ancient Egypt timeline Chronological words          Egyptian Dance – youtube link    Do You Know Your Chronology?


Science:                                Lesson: Reflective Surfaces  Activity 1: Testing Reflective Materials                               Activity 2: Choosing a Material


RE:                                      Lesson: Special Places

Summer Week 4

Summer Week 4 – Instructions 


How to find fractions of objects   How to find a fraction of an amount  1 Fractions – find half and quarter    2 Fractions – of amount worksheet (LOOK AT LINK FIRST)                     3 Fractions – of amounts – challenge

Adding fractions same denominator  ANSWERS Adding fractions

Subtract fractions                     ANSWERS Subtract fractions

Fraction Problem Solving          ANSWERS FractionProblemSolving  Resources: dienes-cut-outs

English:  English-Persuasive adverts

Spellings:                               Alphabets Spelling activities Dictionaries Spelling activities    Thesaurus Spelling activities

Alphabet wordsearch          Dictionary wordsearch                Thesaurus Wordsearch

History/Geography:          Hieroglyphs Lesson                    Decipher hieroglyphs      Hieroglyphs write a message





Science:                               Science- Marvellous Mirrors

RE:  Jewish Special Festivals

Summer Week 5

Summer Week 5 – instructions




Maths:                                  Lesson-1   ANSWERS: Lesson-1 Lesson-2   ANSWERS: Lesson-2 Lesson-3   ANSWERS: Lesson-3 Lesson-4

1) Counting: 2ps and 5ps              2) Counting: 2s, 20s, 50s              3) Counting: £2 £s and 50ps          4) Finding change from a pound Kitchen-Ingredients-Recipe-Cards 


English:                                  English Lesson 1 Adverbs              English Lesson 2 a or an            English Lesson 3 Word Families English Lesson 4 Prefixes            Comprehension- Captain Tom Comprehension- ANSWERS


Spellings:                            Alphabets spelling activities Dictionaries spelling activities Thesaurus spelling activities

Alphabet spelling wordsearch Dictionary spelling wordsearch Thesaurus spelling wordsearch


History/Geography:                        Lesson: Tutankhamun                    Activity Sheet: Egyptian Diary Activity Sheet: Sources


Science:                                    Sun Safety



May Half Term

May Half Term – instructions

Holiday fun maths activities

Life Cycle of a Plant Poem

Egyptian Life – hieroglyphics

Science-Input  Science-Activity

RE Input    RE Activity Sheet      RE-Blank Activity Sheet Symbols
























Summer 2 Week 1 Summer 2 Week 2
Summer 2 Week 1 – instructions



Equivalent-fractions-picture help

Lesson 1   ANSWERS Lesson 1

Lesson 2   ANSWERS Lesson 2

Lesson 3   ANSWERS Lesson 3

Lesson 4   ANSWERS Lesson 4

Lesson 5   ANSWERS Lesson 5



Lesson 1-Word Class Sorting

Lesson 1-Activity: Word Classes

Lesson 2-Colour by word class

Lesson 3-Nouns or verbs

Lesson 4-Dictionary Skills

Lesson 4-Activity: Dictionary use

Lesson 5-Prepositions


Reading Lesson Presentation

Reading Comprehension Activity


Alphabets Spelling Activities

Dictionaries Spelling Activities

Thesaurus Spelling Activities

Alphabet wordsearch

Dictionaries wordsearch

Thesaurus wordsearch



Lesson: Types of Nutrition



Lesson: Who and Where

Activity sheet



Gift of the Nile

Jobs in Ancient Egypt


Home Learning will now be uploaded to your child’s Google Classroom.

Please make sure that your log-in works. If you have any problems, contact info@audley.surrey.sch.uk as soon as possible so that we can work to resolve them.

Next week’s learning is scheduled to go live at 8.00am on Friday 5th June; then the same time each week from then onwards.

See you there!