Y5 Dahl Class

Y5 Dahl

Hello and welcome to Year 5.

This year our teachers are Mr Awan and Mrs Davison. Mr Awan will teach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Davison will teach on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday afternoons, the pupils will benefit from specialist teachers in Music and Spanish. Our class TAs are Mrs Cranstoun and Mrs Mahoney. We also have extra support during the week from Mr Chilcott.

The topic for this term is Anglo Saxons and Vikings and we will be starting our English by studying the story of ‘Beowulf’. The pupils will be learning the story whilst also developing their language and vocabulary skills. They will be writing their own version of the story and practising using adventurous vocabulary, adverbs and powerful descriptions by constructing effective sentences and using paragraphs.

In Maths, the pupils will start by learning place value, before moving onto addition, subtraction and multiplication and division. In Science, the pupils will be learning about Space, focusing on Earth, Sun and Moon. In the second half of term they will be learning about Forces. Pupils will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 and will be monitored and tested weekly to ensure they are confident.

We are pleased to announce that on Friday 28 September we have a ‘Viking Day’ planned where educational visitors coming into the school for the whole day and teaching the pupils about life in Viking times. We would recommend that pupils dress up in Viking clothing for this. A letter detailing this visit will be forwarded shortly and will provide suggestions and ideas for dress on the day.


Homework will be set on a Friday and will consist of the following tasks:

Reading: this should be for fifteen minutes per night with 5 minutes to write a reflective comment about the plot. An example of a reflective comment has been given to the children. If you have any concerns, then paired reading with your child and a scribed comment is acceptable.

Spelling – This year the pupils will be learning words as set by the National Curriculum. This will be augmented by learning topic related words. They will be given a list of words to learn each week which they will be tested on the following week. We would strongly recommend that they use the Look, Cover, Write, Check method to help them learn the words.

Maths – practise at an aspect of Maths that has been learnt that week.

English/Topic- practise at an aspect of writing or Grammar or something related to Anglo Saxons and Vikings.

Homework will be completed in dedicated Homework books. Homework will be distributed on a Friday and due to be handed in by the following Wednesday. There is an opportunity for all children to attend homework club on Mondays after school between 3.00 -4.00pm.


Please ensure your pupil has the correct PE kit in every day as although they have set PE days, these can be subject to change at short notice.

Swimming lessons start  Autumn 2 and will run for six weeks.

If you have any worries or concerns please come and see us at the end of the school day or make an appointment through the school office.

Mr Awan and Mrs Davison