Y5 Dahl Class

Hello and welcome to Year 5! We are a fun and enthusiastic class who are extremely diligent and keen on learning! We also strive to work as a team and make the right choices.

This year our teachers are Mrs Afzal and Mr Awan. Mrs Afzal will teach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mr Awan will teach us on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday afternoons, the we have specialist teachers in Music and Spanish. Our class teaching assistants are Mrs Cranstoun and Mr Mould.

The topic from our Creative Curriculum for this half term is Fantasy Worlds! In English we will read a variety of fantasy novels. We will be studying Roald Dahl’s BFG. The pupils will be learning the story whilst also developing their language and vocabulary skills. They will be writing their own version of the story and practising using adventurous vocabulary, adverbs and powerful descriptions by constructing effective sentences and using paragraphs.

In Maths, the we will start by learning place value, before moving onto addition, subtraction and multiplication and division. In Science, we will be learning about Properties and changes of materials. We will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 and will be monitored and tested weekly to ensure that we are confident.

Homework will be set on a Friday and will consist of the following tasks:

Reading: this should be for fifteen minutes per night with 5 minutes to write a reflective comment about the plot. An example of a reflective comment has been given to the children. If you have any concerns, then paired reading with your child and a scribed comment is acceptable.

Spelling – This year the pupils will be learning words as set by the National Curriculum. This will be augmented by learning topic related words. They will be given a list of words to learn each week which they will be tested on the following week. We would strongly recommend that they use the Look, Cover, Write, Check method to help them learn the words.

Maths – practise at an aspect of Maths that has been learnt that week.


English- practise at an aspect of writing or Grammar or something related to the topic.



Homework will be completed in dedicated Homework books. Homework will be distributed on a Friday and due to be handed in by the following Wednesday. There is an opportunity for all children to attend homework club on Mondays after school between 3.00 -4.00pm.


Please ensure your pupil has the correct PE kit in every day as although they have set PE days, these can be subject to change at short notice. Earrings will need to taken out (preferably not worn on weekly PE session). Long hair will need to be tied back.

Swimming lessons are every Friday in Autumn 1.

If you have any worries or concerns please come and see us at the end of the school day or make an appointment through the school office.

Mr Awan and Mrs Afzal

Home Learning Tasks and school closure

It is important that whilst children are off school they maintain a routine of learning as far as a possible, in order to ensure a positive mental well-being. The school has created some creative home learning packs which we would like all parents to have a go at doing with your child(ren) at home.  These will be updated on a weekly basis. Please click on the various documents below:

Summer Week 1 Summer Week 2 Summer Week 3

Home Learning Guide



Lesson-1   Lesson-2     Lesson-3

Lesson-4   Lesson-5

Problem Solving







Spag-activity-mats-4              Spag-activity-mats-5                 Spag-activity-mats-6

1 star Spellings Summer 1 2020   2 star Spellings Summer 1 2020    3 star Spellings Summer 1 2020



2020-COVID-19-Time-Capsule Letter to Your MP



Science- Gravity and Water

Home Learning Guide



Lesson 1    Lesson 2   Lesson 3   Lesson 4

Adding-and-subtracting-decimals  Extension – Problem Solving Extension – Year 5 Arithmetic Test


Extending our Reading Skills



Diary Entry                               Diary Entry – helpful hints

Creative Writing – continue the story                                        (Plus, don’t forget this week’s spellings, which were uploaded last week)



You will find this week’s suggested Computing, PE, Art, and Science in the Home Learning Guide.

Home Learning Guide



Mon Negative Numbers              Extension – Negatives Challenge  Extension – Negatives ANSWERS

Tue Add-4-Digit-Carry                Tue Add-4-Digit-No-Carrying       Tue Sub-4-Digit-with-Exchanging Tue Sub-4-Digit-No-Exchanging  Tue Add-Sub-4-Digit-Word-Calc 1 Tue Add-Sub-4-Digit-Word-Calc 2 

Wed RUCSAC Problem Solving

Thurs Factors                            Thurs Factor- Frog Hop Game    Extension – Multiples and Factors



Mon – Similes                             Tue – Alliteration                        Wed – Newspaper report             Thurs – Expanded noun phrases Extension – Film Review

SPAG: Direct speech punctuation Plus, don’t forget this week’s spellings.


Science:                                     Solar system     Design a Planet    Science- solar system facts Science- wordsearch

Summer Week 4

Home Learning Guide

Maths:                                      Mon- Squares and Primes

Tue- Divide 10, 100 and 1,000 Tue- Multiply or Divide 10, 100, 1000 Solar System                        Ext- Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000

Wed- Long Multiplication            Wed- Short and Long Multiplication                             Ext- Multiplication

Thurs- Short Division                  Ext- Divide 4 Digits by 1 Digit

Ext- Fun Multiplication and Division Emoji

English:                                        Mon- Be the Teacher                  Mon- Comic Strip Speech             Mon- Spot Missing Speech Marks Mon- Said Synonyms

Tue- Punctuation- Plural or Possessive Apostrophe Game

Wed- Ellipsis Setting pictures Wed- Ellipsis

Thurs- Brackets

SPAG:                                Spelling- ‘shun’ sound                  Plus, don’t forget this week’s spellings.

Creative Writing:                            Persuasive language                   Holiday brochure instructions        Holiday Brochure

Science:                                  History-of-space-travel                    Science- History of Space Travel Questions

Summer Week 5

Home Learning Guide


Maths:                                      Mon- Multiply 2 Digits

Tue- Multiplication 4 x 2 Digits

Wed- Perimeter

Thurs- Division word problems Thurs- Division

Fri- Multiplication and Division   Ext- Multiplication and Division 

Ext- Inverse multiplication division  Ext- Long division                         Ext- multiples, factors


English:                                    Mon- Description                        Tue- Prepositional phrases        Wed- Onomatopoeia

Daily Reading – Print Friendly Daily Reading – Screen Friendly Daily Reading – Guide/ANSWERS


Creative Writing:                     Creative Writing-The Planets- Description by astronaut          Show Don’t Tell – Composition


SPAG:                                     Modal Verbs                              Semi-Colons


Science:                               Scientific Ideas & Evidence Sheet Earth Evidence Cards

May Half Term

Ancient Greece Half Term Project


























Summer 2 Week 1 Summer 2 Week 2
Home Learning Weekly Guide


Mon – Area of Rectangles

Mon- Area

Ext – Area of Compound Shapes

Tue- Equivalent Fractions

Tue- Equivalent Fractions Mastery


Wed- Converting between improper and mixed fractions

Wed- Converting between improper and mixed numbers

Ext- Mixed Numers to Improper Fractions

Thurs- Compare fractions

Thurs- Compare Fractions 2





Mon- Explanation Example 1

Mon-Explanation Example 2

Mon- Explanation Example 3

Mon- Explanation Features Poster

Mon- Features of Explanation Text

Mon- Features of Explanation Text

Tue- Cause and Effect

Tue- Causals and Adverbials

Tue- Connectives and adverbials

Tue-Game Instructions

Tue-Game Cards: Causals

Wed- research and note taking


Thurs- Night& Day Exp.Text

Thurs and Fri- Writing Explanation


Daily Reading – Print Friendly

Daily Reading – Screen Friendly

Daily Reading ANSWERS

Fronted Adverbial or Not? Activity



Sun and Shadows

Sun dial



Code Breakers


Home Learning will now be uploaded to your child’s Google Classroom.

Please make sure that your log-in works. If you have any problems, contact info@audley.surrey.sch.uk as soon as possible so that we can work to resolve them.

Next week’s learning is scheduled to go live at 8.00am on Friday 5th June; then the same time each week from then onwards.

See you there!