At Audley Primary School, we use the Islington ‘You, Me, PSHE’ scheme of work to inform our teaching of Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCEE).

PSHCE is a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future these skills and attributes help pupils to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain.

Our PSHCE curriculum strands of learning:

Sex and relationship education

Y1 How are we the same and different?
Y2 What are the similarities and differences between boys and girls?
Y3 How have you changed so far?
Y4 Growing up and changing
Y5 How do you stay healthy and happy throughout puberty?
Y6 Healthy relationships/How are babies made

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

Y1 What do we put into and on to bodies?
Y2 Medicines and me
Y3 Tobacco is a drug
Y4 Making choices
Y5 Different influences
Y6 Weighing up risk

Keeping safe and managing risk

Y1 Feeling safe
Y2 Indoors and outdoors
Y3 Bullying – see it, say it, stop it
Y4 Playing safe
Y5 When things go wrong
Y6 Keeping safe – out and about

Mental health and emotional wellbeing

Y1 Feelings
Y2 Friendship
Y3 Strengths and challenges
Y4 Puberty – emotions, feelings, behaviour and relationships
Y5 Dealing with feelings
Y6 Health minds

Physical health and wellbeing

Y1 Fun times
Y2 What keeps me healthy?
Y3 What helps me choose?
Y4 What is important to me?
Y5 In the media
Y6 Healthy eating and physical activity

Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing

Y1 My money
Y3 Saving, spending and budgeting
Y5 Borrowing and earning money

Identity, society and equality

Y1 Me and others
Y2 No specific unit
Y3 Celebrating difference
Y4 Democracy
Y5 Stereotypes, discimination and prejudice (including tackling homophobia)
Y6 Human rights