Our School Day

Just Like Home (JLH) Breakfast Club

Audley has its very own Breakfast Club. It is open from 7am until the start of the school day and is open for all year groups (Reception to Year 6).

Arrival and entering the School Building

The children begin arriving in the playground from around 8:20am.The KS2 cloakroom entrance doors are opened at 8:30am and closed at 8:35am.The Reception and KS1 cloakroom doors are opened at 8:30am and are closed at 8:40am. Children arriving after the doors close will need to enter the school building via the Office. A parent is required to sign the late register if theirĀ child is brought onto the school grounds after cloakroom doors have been shut.

On entering the cloakroom areas, children hang up their coats and empty their bags, getting out their reading diary, including any homework that may need to be handed in. If your child brings in a packed lunch then they will need to place their lunchbox on the appropriate year group trolley in the Hall.


Reception and KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2): 8:40-8:45am

KS2 (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6): 8:35-8:40am

The children will have Early Morning Work set for their table group at the beginning of each day. The class teacher then takes the morning attendance register. On hearing his/her name, the child replies ‘Yes, Mrs… or Yes, Mr…’



Assemblies take place each day. Mrs Rebello opens a new school week on Monday with an assembly linked to British Values. Mrs Nicholls (Deputy Headteacher) leads an assembly on Wednesday. On Friday, Mrs Rebello leads a Golden Award Assembly.

Sometimes the nature of the assembly is religious. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from a school assembly on religious grounds.

Assemblies start at 10:00am and run to 10:20am. Each class is scheduled to lead an assembly at different times in the school year.

Break Time

The children have their morning break at 10:25-10:40am. KS2 children can bring in a snack from home to eat in the playground. This is most likely to be fruit.

The children play games in either of the two playgrounds. In the summer term they will be able to use the field and adventure trails.

At the end of break time the teacher on duty blows a whistle. The children stand still and wait to be told to line up in their class lines.


Reception and KS1 lunchtime is 12:05 – 1:15pm.

KS2 lunchtime is 12:05 – 1:00pm.

Children have a packed lunch or a cooked meal.

Each class eat their lunch at different times. While the children are waiting to have their lunch or after they have finished eating their lunch, they play games in the playground.

We have Midday Supervisors who look after the children at lunchtime. Teaching staff are on hand to supervise if need be.

Afternoon Lessons

Lessons resume with reading activities. The class teacher is likely to undertake a group reading activity whilst the rest of the class complete assigned reading group tasks.

The rest of the afternoon is spent learning one or two of our school subjects.

Afternoon lessons continue until 3pm when the children go home.

After School Clubs

There are many clubs for your children to join. They are run by teaching staff and outside companies.