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Year 6 Prefect Team

Pupil Leadership at Audley


At Audley we believe that our pupils have play an important part in our school. The children throughout their time will be given many opportunities to be elected in on of the many pupil leadership opportunities. To name a few: School Council, Eco-Team, RRSA Ambassadors, Digital Leaders and Peer Mentors.


The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and four other Y6 Prefects.


Our Prefect Team 2022-2023


Head Girl:


My name is Anja and I'm the new Head Girl. I applied for this role because I feel like I'm a good role model to the Audley community. I’m full of joy that I'm Head girl and will do anything I can to help.  I enjoy being at school and I want to inspire others too. 


I’m honoured to be elected for the role of your Head Girl and wish to support you on your school journey, having the funniest memories for the rest of your time at Audley.


Head Boy:

Hello everyone, I'm Brodie and I am the new Head Boy for Audley Primary School. I am going to be a good role model because I'm kind, compassionate, caring and considerate. If you're ever feeling sad I will try my best to cheer you up, I just want everybody to be happy. I will include people in activities and games so no one feels left out. 

Another reason why I chose the role of head boy was because I’m proud of our school.

I look forward to supporting you all.

Have a great day!


Deputy Head Girl:

My name is Ellie, and I am proud to announce that I am your new deputy head girl. Before I start, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

On my first day of school (Reception) I was extremely excited to be learning new things and exploring the wonders of school. Over the years, I've improved my skills in a lot of subjects and have enjoyed every single step of the way. Now that I am in year six and have become Deputy Head girl, I feel that I can set a good example to the rest of the school and work hard in my role.


Leadership, kindness, hard work, responsibility, teamwork and confidence are the main points that I focus on in my position as deputy head girl. I am a good leader and hard-working team player who is always here to help. If you ever need my help - or even just want to have a chat - then I’m just around the corner. I will always try my best to influence others to be the best they can be.


Deputy Head Boy:

Hello Audley, I am Alfie - your new deputy Head Boy. I’ve been at Audley since Reception. My goals for this year are to have as much fun as we all can, whilst being sensible and respectful  of others!

 The reasons I believe I am the best person for this position is because I’m kind, caring and friendly. It would be upsetting if you were too frightened to approach me and tell me your worries. I am understanding, so I would never ignore you and would always try to help.

I am representing Audley with pride. I really hope I can inspire others for the future, so if you ever need a helping hand; you know who to ask. 



Y6 Prefect:


Hi, my name is Leah and I’m one of your new prefects! I am honoured to be chosen as one of the few selected and I promise I will be an amazing one too. I have been here since Reception and now my little brother Daniel is here also.

I am a positive and cheerful person and wish to help you to be as well. I am very friendly and you should not  be nervous to speak to me when you are upset. I will always be here if you need me. My goal for this year is to help people make friends and have a good time. Since year 2, it has been my dream to become a prefect, and now I am one, it is even better than I imagined. Remember, just approach me or any of the other great prefects as we’ll always be willing to help.


Y6 Prefect:

Hello my name is Taha and I have been selected to be a member of Audley’s amazing prefect team.


Although I have not been at this super school for a long time, I have learnt about Audley’s caring community. I have been chosen for this role because I believe that I can make Audley the best school for anyone! When I made my speech to become a prefect I promised to be honest, loyal and understanding. So if you’re feeling down, don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings with me.


Y6 Prefect:

Hello, my name is Nancy; one of your new prefects, and I am extremely excited to be one! So first let me tell you a little bit about myself…. Over the last couple of years, I have been lacking confidence and was really shy, but with help from teachers I have really improved and feel confident now. If you are in this position you can come and talk to me any time. I am kind, caring and helpful to everyone around me.

I represent Audley in many ways, including netball and sports captain. I feel that I am an excellent role model and enjoy playing games – I would love you to join in!

I have enjoyed my time at Audley so far and will be sad to leave, but as a prefect I will be able to gain more responsibility and experience before moving on.


Y6 Prefect:

Hello Audley, my name is Jasmine and I am one of your new prefects.

I represent Audley in many different ways including the school netball team; for whom I am a sports reporter. I go to After school club once a week. Also, I'm a school council member and house sports captain for blue house. I believe I can always be here as a helping hand and I know most of you in this school. As a prefect, I feel I’m kind, caring, loyal and always trying my best to cheer you up and make your day shine.

I hope to see you around at school and remember, if you ever need anything, you can come to one of the prefects. Don't worry, we don't bite!


Y6 Prefect:

Hello my name is Carlo. I am a new prefect member. I have been at Audley since Reception. I would be good for this role, as I believe that I am kind, respectful, caring and loyal. If you are feeling down you can always find me in the playground and I will help you with any problems you have. I hope younger children will look up to me in this role and aspire to be a prefect too.

I am honored to be elected for this role and hope I can support your journey through Audley with pride. I believe that I can set a good example to new pupils.


Y6 Prefect:

Hello, my name is Eloise and I am extremely excited to be one of your new Prefects. As a Prefect, I will set a good example to other pupils by being kind and caring. I will be a good listener and cheer people up when they are down.

Now let me tell you a little bit about me…

...I have been at Audley since I was 4 years old and in Reception, I was really shy. Over the years, I have improved my work, grown in confidence and become braver in public speaking. I have been in many clubs such as choir, French club, music lessons and Science Club. I also represent the school in netball matches.

I am pleased to accept this role and aim to do my best to represent Audley school.


Y6 Prefect:

Hi my name is James, one of your new Prefects for this year. I have been at Audley since the age of four, so I feel I will be a good role model to the younger years, especially if you are struggling.

I also believe I can help the Head Boy and Deputies to make school a better environment for every student, so that you all feel positive and happy to come to school. I am approachable and very helpful - if you need me I am always available.

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