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Year 6 Prefect Team

The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and seven other Y6 Prefects.


Head Girl – Shania



Hello Audley, I’m Shania and I’m the new Head Girl of Audley Primary School. I wanted to be Head Girl because I like helping others and I feel like I am a good role model to younger children.


I’m glad to be your Head Girl and I will help you and if you need me. I like helping my classmates during English, Maths and Geography.  I feel that I am considerate to pupils in my class and pupils in other classes.


Head Boy – Alfie



My name is Alfie and I am your new Head Boy.


I am going to be a good example for this role as I am kind, caring, and considerate. Also, I am good at cheering people up when they feel down. I wanted to get this role to prove I can help people with their problems and other things that they are struggling with.


So, I will try to help you to have a good learning journey, just like I have had at this school.


Deputy Head Girl – Aimee



My name is Aimee and I am the new Deputy Head Girl here at Audley. I am passionate about gymnastics and sports – just like I am passionate about being the best role model that I can.


I am kind and caring to everyone – if you need any help then you can always find me.


Be the best you can be!


Deputy Head Boy – Hector



My name is Hector and I am the new Deputy Head Boy. I wanted to be Deputy Head Boy because I’m kind, reliable and good at backing up people (in this case, the Head boy, Alfie).


I am a good helper, so I can help give my classmates and others (if possible) guidance in lessons. I am a good sport in games, though I do get competitive!


Prefect – Owen



My name is Owen, I have been coming to Audley since the age of 4 and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have had the opportunity to be a Digital Leader, to share my enjoyment of computers and I have also taken on the role of School Council – where I have helped improve things around school.


I believe I am a good role model to look up to. I am a good listener, I like to help others and I am good at cheering people up. I like working as a team and I am looking forward to working with the other prefects and others in my school to support them towards their journey to excellence.


Prefect – Tamsin



My name is Tamsin and I am one of your new prefects. As part of this role I will make sure you are happy and enjoy your time at Audley. I think that I got this role because I am kind and can help with any problems you may have. Feel free to talk to me and I will not judge; I am easy to talk to.


I am honest and can talk to anyone with respect – plus I enjoy making children laugh and smile. I believe we all have voices they deserve to be heard no matter who you are. I am glad to listen to you. I hope that you can leave school for the weekend and be eager to come back!


Prefect – Gracie



My name is Gracie and I have been chosen to be one of Audley’s prefects. I have been in Audley since I was 4 years old and have looked up to the previous year 6’s and thought that I would do a good job as a prefect because I am a kind and caring person. I promise you, I will be kind to you and help you solve all your problems.


I have enjoyed my time at Audley so far and hope to end my time here with fun. I would like to help others have fun too just like I did. Most importantly turn that frown upside down!


Prefect – Harvey



I’m Harvey and I am a year 6 prefect. I enjoy school. I don’t always feel confident when l have to do new things, but I know that school is a safe place and that teachers are here to help us do our best. I know that it is important to always try, and that mistakes are just part of learning.


Being in Year 6 and being a prefect is a good opportunity for me to help other children in the school to have a great experience at Audley. After six years here, I think I know a lot about school life! Last year, I was a peer mentor; I played games with younger children in the school at lunch times and it taught me it is really important to listen.


Prefect – Lewis



My name is Lewis and I am one of the new prefects. My passion is to be responsible, kind and caring to others. I will be a virtuous prefect because I follow the golden rules and I am respectful to others. I am approachable – so no one will be scared to ask me. I like to keep people motivated with positive language and encouragement.

I will encourage people to feel included in any fun games or activities. I have had a good learning journey and I help other children to have an amazing one too.


Prefect – Mia



My name is Mia and I am one of your new prefects. I wanted to become a prefect so that I could help people and comfort them if they are alone or sad. I am confident and can’t wait to help and take part in fundraisers and other events.


I don’t mind helping younger children settle in and also give new parents virtual tours. If you have any problems or worries, you can talk to me about it. I hope to help enhance your school experience in the best way possible. Now keep working hard, and have a great rest of the day.


Pupil Leadership at Audley


At Audley we believe that our pupils have play an important part in our school. The children throughout their time will be given many opportunities to be elected in on of the many pupil leadership opportunities. To name a few: School Council, Eco-Team, RRSA Ambassadors, Digital Leaders and Peer Mentors.

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