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Year 6 Prefect Team

Pupil Leadership at Audley


At Audley we believe that our pupils have play an important part in our school. The children throughout their time will be given many opportunities to be elected in on of the many pupil leadership opportunities. To name a few: School Council, Eco-Team, RRSA Ambassadors, Digital Leaders and Peer Mentors.


The Prefect Team is led by a Head Boy and Head Girl. Supporting them is a Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and four other Y6 Prefects.


Our Prefect Team 2021-2022


Head Girl:


My name is Haley and I'm the new Head Girl. I applied for this role because I feel like I'm a good role model to the Audley community. I’m full of joy that I'm Head girl and will do anything I can to help. My sister Shania was Head Girl last year and I love following in her footsteps. I enjoy being at school and I want to inspire others too. I've been at Audley since the age of 7 so I'm quite new but know everyone (I think!) well. I have lots of ideas for the school and always accept help from my friends and class.


I’m honoured to be elected for the role of your Head Girl and wish to support you on your school journey, having the funniest memories for the rest of your time at Audley.


Head Boy:

Hello everyone, I'm Jakob and I am the new Head Boy for Audley Primary School. I am going to be a good role model because I'm kind, compassionate, caring and considerate. If you're ever feeling sad I will try my best to cheer you up, I just want everybody to be happy. I will include people in activities and games so no one feels left out. 

Another reason why I chose the role of head boy was because I’m proud of our school.

I look forward to supporting you all.

Have a great day!


Deputy Head Girl:

My name is Amelia and I am excited to be your new Deputy Head Girl. Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I came to Audley at the age of 4 years old and I have looked up at all the Head Girls and Prefects.   I have always wanted to be Deputy Head Girl or one of the Prefects. We are a Rights Respecting School and I hope to carry it on.

I will be able to help anyone and everyone because I am kind and caring to other students. I am confident and welcoming to every new visitor. I follow every golden rule and I will make sure others do that too. I treat everyone the same way. I don’t mind listening to younger children and sorting out everyone's problems because I enjoy and am happy to be Deputy Head Girl. I am excited to play games with you and will leave no one left out. I am overjoyed that I get the chance to do this and I will always try my best!


Deputy Head Boy:

Hello Audley, my name is Luca, your new Deputy Head Boy. I would like you to have a very good experience at Audley. I’m a very good example to the school and I would never want you to fear coming and talking to me about your problems. I am very kind, caring, compassionate and funny. I will try my best to never let you down. I will always be there for you and that applies to everyone in KS2 and KS1.


I will also be leading the tours for all the new people coming to the school. I’m a very good sportsman and you can always play games with me and I will never leave you out. I will be very excited to see you round the school and look forward to supporting you.   


Y6 Prefect:


Hello Audley, my name is Mia and I am excited to have been chosen to be one of the school's prefects!  I have been chosen to be a Prefect because I care about this school and I am determined to represent it. I’ve been at this school since I was 4 years old and have always wanted to be Head Girl, but now I'm 10 and wanted to be a Prefect - and I now have that role. 


As a Prefect, I can offer a lot to this school, like giving tours to new students and helping you with your work, but only if you need it. You can always come up to me if you are lonely or have a problem. I have enjoyed my time at Audley so far and will be sad to leave, but as a Prefect I’m glad that I'll be able to make the most of it!


Y6 Prefect:

My name is Tobi and I'm one of your new prefects for Audley. I think I’m a good choice for a prefect because I’m helpful to others and I'm very respectful to teachers and to friends.  I will make sure everybody is happy and full of joy so you have the greatest time at Audley. I am particularly ready to look out for younger children in KS1. I look forward to supporting you and seeing you around school. Have a great rest of your day!


Y6 Prefect:

My name is Lily-Mae and I'm one of the new prefect members. I like this job because it gives me the chance to make people not feel alone. I will make sure everyone’s happy because that's what people deserve. I will carry out all my responsibilities respectfully, because I love to help people: it makes me happy! I want to make sure everyone’s showing respect and not disrespecting anyone - I will help anyone who needs it. 


I will be kind and caring to the other students; setting a good example to the new people that come.

I am honoured to be elected to be one of the prefects.


Y6 Prefect:

Hi Audley, I am Caelan, one of your new prefects. I believe I can make Audley the best experience for everyone. If you are ever feeling down just approach me or another Prefect and we can make you feel better. I’m sure me and my other colleagues will treat you with great respect. This doesn’t apply to KS1 only this is also for KS2. I will be an excellent role model for the younger ones and join in on their games: providing a great playtime. I will also look forward to showing people around the school, and to seeing you in the playground.




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