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Audley Curriculum Intent and Implementation


The curriculum at Audley has been designed in conjunction with pupil voice to be challenging, engaging and exciting to our pupils. It is completely bespoke yet closely aligned to the skill and knowledge expectations that are outlined in the Primary National Curriculum.


The model of the curriculum we have created is unique to Audley whereby children make cohesive links between subjects. The skills and knowledge based curriculum is driven through motivating, immersive topics that “hook” the children’s interest and leads them through enquiry based learning journey. Within the journey, the pupils will build upon content, knowledge and application of pre-requisite skills year upon year.


The holistic design is relevant to the children and ensures that the curriculum taps into the local area and proves to be culturally significant for our learners. English, maths, science and computing continue to be taught discreetly, with relevant links to topics being made where applicable.


The curriculum will be continuously developed throughout this academic year.


Overview of the topics taught are as follows:


Audley Remote Learning Offer


Our remote learning policy and contingency planning will be initiated as follows:

SEND approach within our curriculum


Our SEND policy and information report outlines how Audley makes the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.  Please see tab related to Special Educational Needs and Disability.

 Coherent Curriculum Learning Journeys

The National Curriculum

Parent guides to the 2014 national curriculum.

KS2 Statutory Spelling Lists

As part of the new National Curriculum children are expected to learn compulsory lists of spellings. These words are ones which are used a lot or may be tricky to spell. It is expected that all children will be able to spell these words by the time they leave Audley Primary School.

In addition there are two sets of high frequency words which are taught in KS1. By the beginning of Year 3 all children should be able to spell the words on these lists.

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